Milkers from Sweden are now also available in Germany

Melker aus Schweden gibt es nun auch in Deutschland

Milkers from Sweden are now also available in Germany


(English version below) With the start of the leisure fair "Boat and Fun" (November 11th to 14th) paddlers have the opportunity to purchase the stylish kayaks from the Swedish company Melker in Germany as well. Kayakguru will take over the distribution - and thus one of the leading kayak dealers in the country.


The Sweden-based company Melker ( was founded in 2015 with the ambition to turn the entire water sports industry upside down. According to the motto "standing still is a step backwards", Melker is constantly working to improve in the areas of sustainability, craftsmanship, design and innovation - and time and again manages to break previously believed boundaries. This has already paid off: The team has been honored by the international paddling industry and the community and has been rewarded with several awards for the sleek and stylish outdoor products. 


Kajakguru ( with its two water sports rental stations in Berlin and Hamburg and a shop now has the complete range of Melker products in its range. With the Kayakguru team delivering boats all over Germany, buying a Melker kayak is now an option for everyone. Kayakguru not only has a shop where boats can be exhibited and taken away. Due to the location right on the water, customers have the opportunity to test their favorite boats on site - a big plus compared to other providers. 


If you are not quite fit in handling the boat and paddle, it is best to book a course directly. Kayakguru owner Patrick Dittmer and his team show how to steer a kayak without expending a lot of energy to have a relaxing day on the water. If you want to learn more about kayak guru, it is best to take a look at the YouTube channel. There you will not only find tips for a trip on local waters, but also all sorts of things worth knowing about transport and storage of the products.


"The creative design paired with sustainability characterizes the kayaks from Melker. Especially nowadays it is important to pay attention to the environment and to develop durable products. Melker definitely managed that," says Patrick Dittmer and adds: "We are also constantly on the lookout for new products in order to be able to offer our customers a larger selection. We are therefore very pleased that Melker boats can now also be found in our inventory.”


“We are very happy about the cooperation with Patrick Dittmer and the team from Kayakguru. They know the German market, share our passion for the products and really want to make the Melker brand known in Germany,” says Pelle Stafshede, owner and creative director of Melker from Sweden.

For more information and high-res content, contact;
Pelle Stafshede, CEO and Creative Director, Melker of Sweden
+46 733 16 95 35
Patrick Dittmer, CEO, Kajakguru
+49 172 9936239

Melker of Sweden available in Germany


With a jump-start between the 11th-14th of November at Berlin's boat and leisure fair Boot & Fun, German paddlers will immediately get the opportunity to experience sleek and stylish kayaks from Melker of Sweden, as KajakGuru in Berlin takes full responsibility to build the brand in Germany.


Swedish-based Melker of Sweden ( was founded in 2015, with the bold ambition to completely game change the outdoor hardware industry.


Melker of Sweden has constantly been pushing the boundaries of sustainability, craftsmanship, design and innovation - which has brought Melker of Sweden to be the most recognized watersports company, being honoured by the international paddlesports industry & community, including several awards for their sleek and stylish outdoor products for an active and conscious lifestyle.


Kajakguru ( with two physical stores located in Berlin and Hamburg, will carry the complete portfolio of kayaks from Melker of Sweden. Kajakguru’s ability to deliver boats throughout all German states, guarantees that Melker’s products will be available to a huge number of potential German paddlers. Kajakguru does not just have a shop where you can by the kayaks. In Berlin you have the opportunity to test them on a river before buying. This is a huge plus as you get to know how the kayak reacts depends of what you are doing with the paddle. For more skills you can book a course where Patrick Dittmer and his crew show how to steer a kayak perfectly, so you have enough energy for a longer trip. More tricks and hints you find on Kajakguru’s Youtube-Channel.  


”Melker is known for a perfect combination between a creative design and sustainability. Especially these days its very important to look after the environment and create durable products”, says Patrick Dittmer, CEO of Kajakguru. “We are always looking for new products we can present our custumors. We are very happy that we can offer Melker products from now on”, Patrick Dittmer concludes.


”We are very pleased to start this cooperation with Patrick Dittmer & co at Kajakguru as they have the local know-how, share the passion for our unique products and are really thrilled to start building the brand in the German market” says Pelle Stafshede, CEO and Creative Director @ Melker of Sweden.


Melker of Sweden

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