Melker Adventures Camp Arnön (20-22 / 7) - exclusive three-day kayak course where everything is included

Melker Adventures Camp Arnön (20-22/7) - exklusiv tre dagars kajakkurs där allt är inkluderat
Melker Adventures Camp Arnön with Happie Camp.
Together with our very best friends @ Happie Camp, we are now launching Melker Adventures Camp Arnön - exclusive three-day kayak course where everything is included - based on the magnificent Vänern archipelago.
The mighty and varied rock formations in the Värmland archipelago are created by nature's most uncompromising and tireless architect - the water. Created during the ice age and formed under the enormous pressure from Lake Vänern's kilometers deep ice as the lake is one of Europe's largest lakes.
Here we want to teach you to paddle!
Melker Adventures is our experience concept where we arrange tours and courses with professional instructors and guides from the Melker family.
A perfect way to get new experiences and new knowledge - in a safe and secure way - while meeting like-minded people.
This exclusive kayak course is for you who in a small group (maximum six people) want to learn the basics of kayaking and start developing as a kayaker. You have probably tried paddling at some point before, maybe you have considered getting your own kayak - or you have not paddled at all and want to learn a little more at once.
We go through the most useful techniques so that you can get a good view of your kayak and be able to manage yourself on the water.
You stay two nights in comfortable and luxurious canvas tents on Arnön (shared accommodation, two people / tent). When you get to the tent it is already bedded and towels are available.
This package also includes Happie Camp's lunch bag for the entire stay. The recipes are plant based gourmet and adapted to be prepared in Primus' outdoor kitchen located in the tent. All raw materials are organically grown and, as far as possible, locally produced.
During the entire stay you have free access to Melker kayaks, paddles and life jackets. So if you want to paddle more than what the course offers, you can sneak up early to paddle at sunrise or in pink shimmer at sunset.
After completing the course, you have enough knowledge to make your own day trips in a protected inner archipelago and smaller lakes.
Course elements (the course corresponds to a yellow Paddle Pass)
- Parts of the kayak
- Kayaking
- Safety equipment
- Efficient packing
- Carrying a kayak (Loaded / Unloaded)
- Step in and out
Sitting position
- Efficient forward paddling
- Swivel using the paddle
- Sveptag
- Backtag
- Bromsday
- Steer with the help of rudders
Balance in the kayak with the help of support
- Comrade rescue
- Self-rescue
We also provide the opportunity for relaxation and personal discovery during our three days together. Take off your shoes and walk along the water among the beautiful dwarf pines. Stop and lie down for a while on the sun-warmed rocks and listen to the waves crashing against the rocks. Deep dive into the book that you have longed to read. Listen to the birds chirping but do not forget to enjoy listening to the silence.
Camp Arnön, Värmland
Monday 20/7, 15.00
Camp Arnön, Värmland
Wednesday 22/7, 12.00
SEK 8,900 / person (max 6 participants)
All inclusive; kayak course, accommodation (shared accommodation, two people / tent), food and free access to kayaks with associated equipment.

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