Kayak made of sawdust and coffee sacks 3D-printed at the Boat Show

Kajak gjord av sågspån och kaffesäckar 3D-printas på Båtmässan

Tomorrow, the Boat Show in Gothenburg enters its fifth day and Wednesday's theme is the environment and sustainable boating. In one of the stands is Värmland-based Melker of Sweden, which makes kayaks and paddle boards from sawdust, old coffee bags and other recycled material. During the fair, visitors can see how they 3D-print one of their durable kayaks.

During Wednesday's sustainability day, the Boat Fair's visitors can take part in exciting seminars on how our waters are doing, sustainable boating and on future boat building. One of the boat builders of the future on stage is Pelle Stafshede, founder of Melker of Sweden - a company that is the only company in the world to 3D-print water sports products from recycled materials.

- Our kayaks and paddle boards are printed using a huge 3D printer. We often use bio-based fiber such as flax and sawdust, but we also use old coffee bags as a building material. Sustainability means everything in our organization and we strive to be able to work 100 percent bio-based and circular, says Pelle Stafshede.

First in the world
At present, the Värmland-based water sports company is the only one in the world to manufacture this type of product. Every year, about 400 kayaks and paddle boards are sold - and plans to expand are around the corner:

- Of course, we want to inspire a more sustainable way of manufacturing this type of product. We can not continue to ship materials all over the world when we have fully usable materials here at home. For future expansions, we will work with materials that are available locally. Whether it will be coconuts or bamboo, we will see, but it is an exciting journey that we look forward to, says Pelle.

During the Boat Show in Gothenburg, prototypes of Melker's kayaks are printed out using 3D technology. Today, a kayak takes eight hours to print, something that Pelle believes will go faster in the near future.

Båtmässan Göteborg

The boat show in Gothenburg runs until 9 February. On 5 February, emphasis is placed on the environment, including visits by Axel Wenblad, chairman of the World Wide Fund for Nature in Sweden, electric boat entrepreneur Konrad Bergström, Ren Kust and Ocean Recycle One.

For more information contact:
Jacob Ryder, Business Manager Boat Show
031-708 80 29

Pelle Stafshede, founder Melker of Sweden.
0733 16 95 35

The boat show is Western Sweden's largest meeting place for everyone who loves aquatic life. Here, industry experts meet. There are about 300 exhibitors on site who give you help with your next boat purchase, tips on maintenance and service and show lots of gadgets that make your boating life better.



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