Double flow for Melker of Sweden

Dubbelt flyt för Melker of Sweden

Since its inception in 2015, Melker of Sweden has had the lofty goal of completely changing the industry in water sports and has since been praised and praised by the water sports industry. Now their success story continues in new collaborations with the leading water sports company Tahe Outdoors and the co-owner company Ihopa.

One can only say that Melker of Sweden has flow. By constantly pushing the boundaries of sustainability, craftsmanship, design and innovation, Melker of Sweden has become the most recognized water sports company in Sweden. The company has been honored by the international paddle sports industry and industry colleagues and has also received several awards for its modern and sustainable outdoor products developed for an active and conscious lifestyle. 

Partnership with Tahe Outdoors

Recently, Melker of Sweden entered into a close partnership with Tahe Outdoors from Estonia - the fastest growing water sports company in Europe. This means that all Melker of Sweden's existing and future products will be manufactured, sold and distributed in Tahe Outdoors' broad sales network that covers more than 90 countries worldwide. Not only that - in April 2020, Melker of Sweden and Tahe Outdoors opened a joint experience-based store by the water in central Stockholm - in Pampas Marina. There, end customers have the opportunity to buy the entire product range - with direct access to the water to test and rent the products.

Every week, together with their large network of industry partners and relevant profiles, they will arrange various events in their joint store. The ambition is to create a natural and experience-oriented meeting place for an active and conscious lifestyle.

Tahe Outdoors and Melker of Sweden also offer their customers the opportunity to rent or subscribe to the company's products - a sustainable alternative to the more traditional ways of selling and consuming goods.

Co-ownership enables outdoor life for everyone

Recently, Melker of Sweden also began a collaboration with the sharing platform Ihopa. A collaboration that makes it easy to buy a share in a quality kayak to share it with other people. Perfect for you who love the outdoors but can not afford a kayak, or for you who are out so rarely that it is not worth buying.

Ihopa, which has been around since 2017, provides a free service to consumers who want to share property, ie buy and own things together in groups. But they have also built a technology that enables stores and companies to sell their products to groups. Including Melker of Sweden.

With just the push of a button, more specifically a "buy-together" button, customers can now register their interest in buying a cooperative kayak on Melker of Sweden's website. Together then helps to create suitable groups for co-ownership. Of course, it is just as well to gather your own neighbors or friends and offer them to join the initiative as well.


"Sharing economy in its purest form"

Melker of Sweden and Ihopa will also do various marketing activities to inspire people, says Pelle Stafshede, founder of Melker of Sweden.

- We suspect that there are quite a few out there who dream of getting a kayak but who give up because they will not use it enough. Purchasing a cooperative kayak then means that they can fulfill that dream at both a reasonable cost and a reasonable climate footprint. We at Melker are experts in kayaks and how they are used. Together are experts in co-ownership. Together we can help people realize their kayak dreams.

The concept of co-owning gadgets is not completely new, says Ihopa's co-founder Johannes Dahlberg.

- People already own a little of everything today, from photographic equipment to garden machines to gliders. But by making the process easier, especially how to find other shareholders, it can change the fundamentals of how we consume. We see it as a sharing economy in its purest form. Good for the wallet and the climate!

Great interest in co-ownership

Johannes views the collaboration very positively. According to him, there is a great interest in sharing kayaks today.

- On the one hand, many people do not want to buy a kayak because they will not use it often enough. But there is another reason as well - that kayak storage is challenging. In a group, it is enough that one of the co-owners has a suitable storage space, he says.

Melker of Sweden's philosophy is to be able to create a sustainable company that they are proud to run and work for. Pelle believes that all types of entrepreneurship create environmental problems - everything from electricity, computers to product transports. Co-purchasing is therefore a step in the right direction towards a sustainable society.

- Our environmental work is an ongoing process where we actively change, improve and share what we learn. Our core values also include that we should have fun along the way and really do what we love, together with friends, family and partners who share our philosophy - which is why the collaboration between Melker and Ihopa is another step in the right direction, Pelle concludes.

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