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Andelskajaker åt alla
Kayaking is becoming a popular sport. A sustainable concept is now being launched that will increase the availability of kayaks. Through a collaboration between the Swedish kayak manufacturer Melker of Sweden and the sharing platform together, an easy way to buy a share in a quality kayak is possible to share it with other people.
The concept works so that people can mark their interest in buying a cooperative kayak. Together then helps to create suitable groups. Of course, each person can also gauge the interest directly with the neighbors and offer them to join the initiative.
- We know that there is great interest in sharing kayaks. And that's not entirely strange. On the one hand, many people are reluctant to buy a kayak because they will not use it often enough. But there is another reason as well and that is that storing kayaks is challenging. In a group, it is enough that one of the co-owners has a suitable storage space, says Johannes Dahlberg, co-founder of together.
Melker is a kayak manufacturer based in Sweden. They build kayaks of high quality and with durability as a guiding light.
- We have always placed great emphasis on sustainability issues. It permeates our brand and also the design of our kayaks. There is an exciting potential in applying sharing economy for kayaks as it can increase usage. And it is desirable - we of course want our kayaks to be out on the water as often as possible, says Pelle Stafshede, CEO and founder of Melker of Sweden.
The concept of co-owning gadgets is not entirely new. John continues:
- People already own a little of everything today, from photographic equipment to garden machines to gliders. But by making the process easier, especially how to find other shareholders, it can change the fundamentals of how we consume. We see it as a sharing economy in its purest form. Good for the wallet and the climate!
The collaboration is about providing phenomenal service to those who want to get a cooperative kayak. Pelle motivates:
- We at Melker are experts in kayaks and how they are used. Together are experts in co-ownership. Together we can help people realize their kayak dreams.
For more information contact:
Johannes Dahlberg, together, 070-756 60 89 (
Pelle Stafshede, Melker of Sweden, 073-316 95 35 (
Ihopa is a service that was launched in 2019 in Stockholm with the vision to make shared ownership easy and secure. The platform provides tools that facilitate the entire process, from ear to loaf.
Melker of Sweden
Melker of Sweden is a kayak manufacturer founded in 2015 on Hammarö in Värmland. The kayaks have attracted international attention for their design and they have won awards such as the German Design Award for Excellent Product Design and most recently this year's shape carrier by Svensk Form. They have a newly opened showroom in Pampas Marina in Stockholm. Read more at
What's the story behind it?
- We started the company in 2017 when we saw a need for a service that facilitated co-ownership and other consumption models based on cooperation. Actually, it was first and foremost our own need actually. But we had noticed that the behavior was relatively common in others as well. In retrospect, there have been surveys that show that 20% of Scandinavians co-own something, but we think we underestimate the reality because when we talk to people, many first answer "no" and then after a few minutes they realize that they bought something together with a siblings or friends etc. In any case, we are super passionate about this and aim for every single person on earth to share at least one thing! Because it is so good simply, says Johannes Dahlberg from together.
- Today we are 7 people working together and there are 3 Swedes, 3 Romanians and 1 Italian. It is a long journey we have started but we get good encouragement along the way such as that we have won several contributions from Vinnova. It feels like our idea is right on time!
What's the story behind Melker?
- Melker of Sweden was founded in 2015 by the local series entrepreneur, innovator and designer Pelle Stafshede, with the cocky goal of completely changing the industry in Outdoor Hardware.
- Finding an interplay where environment and ethics are as important as economics is our aim - it makes it possible to make a real difference.
- We see our innovation, design and R&D as long-term investments for us as a company but also for future generations, nature and outdoor life. Creating the best products is our goal, not only for you as a user but also for the planet.
- We know that all types of business create environmental problems - everything from electricity to computers to transport of our products. Our environmental work is an ongoing process where we actively change, improve and share what we learn.
- Our core values also include that we should have fun along the way and really do what we love, together with friends, family and partners who share our philosophy - that is why the collaboration between Melker and together is another step in the right direction.
- By living by our philosophy, we can create a sustainable company that we are proud to run and work for.
Why did you create this collaboration?
- Of course we want our kayaks to be used as much as possible. And we also want people to have access to our kayaks in a way that suits their needs. We are already working with letting and it works great when the conditions are right. But we see that the concept of cooperative kayaking can be a really good complement, especially since it is scalable in a completely different way. For example, it may be the only reasonable alternative for people in the archipelago who want to be able to paddle a little now and then, but too little to justify a purchase of their own kayak, says Pelle from Melker of Sweden.
Johannes fills in:
- We at together know from our users that kayaks are a typical gadget that is great to share, and there is great interest. When we opened our service last summer, groups were quickly formed that provided a cooperative kayak. Therefore, it feels extra fun to now be able to invest more properly together with Melker in kayaks.
Tell us more about the collaboration itself - what does it look like?
- Together we provide a service to consumers who want to share property, ie buy and own things together in a group. It can be reached by consumers at and is free of charge. But then we have also built a technology that we offer to stores that enables them to sell their products to groups. What we have done with Melker is to integrate that technology into their web shop. So now those who look at their kayaks there can see a "buy together" button which then helps customers to get started and get a cooperative kayak, says Johannes.
- Then we will do various marketing activities to inspire people. We suspect that there are quite a few out there who dream of getting a kayak but who give up because they will not use it enough. Getting a cooperative kayak then means that they can fulfill that dream at both a reasonable cost and a reasonable climate footprint! That's what Pelle says at Melker.
Have you set any goals for the collaboration?
- Yes, it would be fun if there were a dozen cooperative kayaks at the end of the summer. If we succeed with that, we will be proud because it means that at least twice as many have gained access to one really in a smart way! Says Pelle.
Johannes fills in:
- Then one should not forget that there are other positive effects such as if this collaboration makes people discover together but maybe get something other than a kayak. And vice versa - someone might discover Melker but get their own kayak because they want to use the kayak type every day.

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