Klarälven to the North Sea - July 8 - day 1: Sysslebäck - Branäs (13.1 km)

Klarälven till Västerhavet - 8 juli - dag 1: Sysslebäck - Branäs (13,1 km)


Today was the day when our great adventure began! The starting shot for the tour went during the morning when the car was fully loaded from the Pampas marina with our upcoming adventure companions, three Melkerkajker of the type Rödlöga. 

After several hours of driving with zeal in our bodies, we finally arrived at a quiet Sysslebäck in the heart of northern Värmland. Here, the mythical Klarälven flows like a carotid artery wedged between the surrounding ridges.

After a short visit to the local grocery store, where we filled up with the necessary provisions for the first days of paddling, we went to a small beach right next to the river that we were recommended by the clerk at the checkout to bump into. Before we jumped out into the sun-drenched valley from the balmy evening sunshine, we cooked up a short meal consisting of macaroni, crème fraiche and mackerel, what a gourmet! 

In the end, all that remained was to take the first paddle strokes. With the longing for adventure in mind, we quickly waved goodbye to parents and friends who came to wish us luck and say goodbye. 

Början på Klarälven

The first stretch can be briefly described as magical. At a leisurely pace, the Klarälven river led us downstream past lush vegetation, mountain massifs and the occasional fisherman in a very quiet evening. 

Now we have camped for the evening just south of Branäs on a grassy sand reef in hopes of a good night's sleep. 

With that said, we thank you for today!

Paddling greetings,


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