Klarälven to the North Sea - July 17 - day 10: Södra Värmlandsnäs - Lurö (25.0 km)

Klarälven till Västerhavet - 17 juli - dag 10: Södra Värmlandsnäs -  Lurö (25,0 km)



Today the idea was that we would get far. The clock was set for us an early time: 08:20. 


After a short breakfast and morning bath, we left our night place at 10:30, which was a record time for this entire trip. 

Night camp.

Even though we sit in the kayaks much longer now than we did in the Klarälven, we do not move as fast at all. 10 km that previously took a bit over an hour has in recent days taken almost three hours. What this is due to, we are not entirely sure. Is there a current in the water? Is it the wind? Are we measuring the wrong distance on the map? Or are we simply paddling slower?


In any case, we feel well and strong, but it is clear that it consumes the mind when it takes so long to arrive.


Today's kayaking started at southern Värmlandsnäs and continued towards the Lurö archipelago. The idea was that we would take over the open passage of about eight kilometers between Lurö and Kållandsö and then continue down towards Hindens rev. 

Kinnekulle can be glimpsed on the horizon. 

However, this remained only a dream as the weather for the first time on this tour puts the brakes on our plans. The wind picked up in the afternoon and became too strong to enable a safe crossing. 


Instead of a paddling evening under the usual auspices, we camped on the southernmost Lurö right next to the lighthouse that is here. The idea for tomorrow is to wait for more favorable conditions and then tough on towards Vänersborg. 

The lighthouse at Lurö's southern cape. 

In any case, there is no need for us. The surroundings are beautiful and the company nice. Now a really good night's sleep awaits before the paddling of the coming days.


All's Well,



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